Meet the Reviewers: Nichelle

Hi I am Nichelle aka Nikki. I live in Riverside, California (US). I am a mother of two wonderful children under the age of 8. Tamar is my feisty 7-year-old daughter and Grayson is my serious 6-year-old boy. I have been a lover of the romance genre for 29 years.

I am currently a police dispatcher for a community college. I am a avid reader, gamer (yes I play WoW and have been playing it for 5 years, amongst other games), I am hooked on the internet, love to chat and make friends, love Facebook and I have my own review blog that I recently started in May called Epically Romantic By Ebony Dreams and I also frequent GoodReads. I love to travel (parents were military, God bless them and all our soldiers) and cook. I am also an aspiring author with a few WIP (works in progress).

I love to read books in printed form as well as eBooks. I love my Nook Color that I received for Christmas last year and it goes every where with me, and I mean every where. My favorite book (though I have tons) is Glorious Angel by Johanna Lindsey (yes, it’s old school… but such a fantastic read).