Review: Wanted 2: Vodka Shots by Marteeka Karland

Wanted 2: Vodka Shots by Marteeka Karland
Series: Wanted (#2)
Release Date: June 10th, 2011
Publisher: Changeling Press
Page Count: 51
Source: Read for leisure

Dmitry has finally found the woman he loved and lost — the woman who ran from him without a word. Karri did what she had to do to keep her daughter safe from the Consolidation. She has no regrets, but she’s never stopped loving Dmitry — even though she knew when he found her, there’d be a price to pay.

Dmitry was a man bent on revenge. Now, he’s a soldier on a mission. The lives of everyone he holds dear depend on his decisions. He has one chance. One shot.

Starting… now.

Review: Wanted 2: Vodka Shots is the story of Dmitry and Karri, who have a complicated history that makes for great storytelling. Dmitry loved Karri, who betrays him, so naturally, Dmitry’s not very happy. In fact, Dmitry is angry beyond belief, and when he gets his hands on Karri—the woman he loved and lost, the woman who almost gets him killed—sparks fly.

As someone who is extremely fond of alpha males, I must say Dmitry is probably a close as you’ll get to a raging alpha. He takes it back to the tossing over shoulder, Caveman days, and though I did have a few instances of wanting to reach into the story and throttle him, it was with love.

Karri isn’t your average damsel in distress however. She gives as good as she gets, and it quickly becomes obvious why she and Dmitry are meant for each other. Both are stubborn, fiercely loyal, and willing to do whatever is necessary to keep their loved ones safe.

Marteeka Karland certainly ups the ante with this story. The plot flows easily, and the attraction between the main characters jumps off the screen. The love scenes are spicy, and witty, with one-liners so unique you can’t help but laugh. And let’s not forget the addictive supporting characters. Hawke, Dmitry’s gorgeous friend, and hulking, sensitive alpha, has many comical scenes, one that involves him tossing someone around like an unwanted teddy bear, and Onyx, reminiscent of an Amazon warrior in build, seems to be the one who will tame or be tamed by him.

I would highly recommend this novella for anyone looking for a fast-paced, highly entertaining, and more than spicy read.

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