Review: Soul of the Sea by Jasmine Denton

Soul of the Sea by Jasmine Denton
Series: Curse of the Sea (#1)
Release Date: June 15, 2011
Publisher: kNight Romance Publishing

Under the ocean’s waves, off the coast of Harmony Harbor a dark secret is about to unfold. Only few know the truth. Only a few know of its existence.

Seventeen-year-old Mykaela Whindom is rescued from the treacherous seas, but finds her best friend didn’t survive the tragic accident. It’s a secret she’s determined to keep.

Dylan, the mysterious stranger who rescues Mykaela, hides more than her secret, but it’s just a matter of time before his own dark secret is revealed. A secret that is so dark, it may cost Mykaela her life.

The quiet little town of Harmony Harbor is thrown into shock when bodies of young women wash ashore. Some believe it’s a serial killer. Dylan knows the truth. The dark secret of Mykaela’s family is revealed, The Hunters. The ones who hunt down and kill Dylan’s kind. Can Dylan outrun his past in time to stop the killings? Or will Mykaela become the next victim in the Soul of the Sea?

Review: From the first lines, Jasmine Denton pulls you into the story literally with hands made of seawater and even though you are drowning in the words, you never want to catch your breath.

Mykaela’s life is saved, but why? Why did Dylan save her and not Charity? What secrets are swirling around her and why does she keep hearing an eerie call, a song enticing her to the sea when she can’t even swim? All these questions and more swirls around in this story. The multiple points of view in this book add to the overall setting of how vast the secrets are. It’s as if everyone around her has an ulterior motive even family, the dead and living.

Jasmine does a tremendous job establishing characters that pull you in and make you root for them even when you think they are bad…truly the talent of a great author. While there are many questions that we have already established in this book unlike most books they are all answered but one. What is that one question? You’ll have to read to find out.

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