Review: My Lady’s Pleasure by Alice Gaines

My Lady’s Pleasure by Alice Gaines
Series: Three Kinds of Wicked (#11)
Release Date: May 1st, 2010
Publisher: Red Sage
Page Count: 94
Source: eBook provided by publisher for review

The castle and its lands were Ulric’s goal when he started the siege. Now that he’s seen the Lady Devon, his mind and his body demand he take her as his wife. He only needs to find some way to control his passions so that he doesn’t scare her on their wedding night. A mysterious minstrel named Trey seems to have the solution with his aphrodisiac potions and salves. In return for his aid, Trey demands the opportunity to win the lady’s affection. The two men do battle to give Devon maximum pleasure. Will she choose the clever poet or the savage Viking who’s come to love her?

Review: Although the plot of this was very easy to follow and normally I’m all for a warrior “storming the castle”, there was just something about this one that didn’t sit well with me. It could be because this was book 11 in the series, so I had no clue what Trey was (although I knew something was up), but even with that, this one didn’t catch my attention.

Lady Josalyn appeared to me to be this very religious woman (I mean she asked to be released so she could go to the Order), but suddenly she’s very open to having sex with 2 men. Granted, she may have been slightly drugged, but I have a feeling someone with such strong religious convictions that she was going to commit to a convent shouldn’t have been so easily swayed to having sex with two men on her wedding night!!

Ulric, big, strong Viking warrior first appeared to be just that. Then all of a sudden he turns to mush around Lady Josalyn, I get not wanting to scare her with the intensity of his “need”, but come on. And then to willing to share her by giving the mysterious minstrel Trey his try at her. I didn’t buy it.

This is a very short read, so things happen very fast, it seems within days. Maybe that’s part of the drawback (I’m not a huge novella fan because I don’t like being rushed…maybe that’s part of my problem with this book). For a book that I would guess would be categorized as erotica, the sex was pretty bland. That said, for those that want to dip their toes into the erotica waters and not sure if you’ll like it, this might be a good one to try.


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