Review: Midnight in Legend, TN by Magdalena Scott

Midnight in Legend, TN by Magdalena Scott
Series: Ladies of Legend (#2)
Release Date: February 5th, 2011
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Page Count: 111
Source: Received directly from publisher for review

Midnight Shelby is starting over. She’s leaving her ex-husband and the big city, big corporate life behind her. But she doesn’t know where she’s going until she happens upon an amazing website advertising real estate in Legend, Tennessee, a place she didn’t know existed. The virtual tour of a large two-story big brick building–a former bar–on the main street of the small town makes her fall in love…with the building, and with the potential for a new life.

She has no idea she’ll also fall in love with the realtor who sells her the property.

Martin McClain was born and raised in the Legend area. His family has lived there for generations, and he feels a duty to preserve it. Part of the reason is his thirteen-year-old son Daniel. The web site Daniel created has been good for business, but although Martin is a real estate agent by trade, he’s wary of newcomers’ motivations. With good reasons–one of them being Daniel’s absent mother.

Review: This was a terrific outline for a book, but I don’t think it was complete as short as it was. Short romances are great, but this wasn’t a short romance. It just seemed to be a plot device for the series, or an exposition. There was no developing romance in it that I could see.

You saw Midnight’s growth as a character and felt her love of the town… Midnight was beautifully written. The book seemed to focus on her campaign to Market Legend, but not the romance. I’d read a great scene, and then wonder what happened to lead to it or what followed it, leaving the scene sadly incomplete.

It didn’t bring in the other characters, and all but Betsy and Midnight seemed paper thin. I didn’t see Martin’s character development at all and his behavior just didn’t make sense. The few scenes with them getting to know each other were great, but there was just too much exposition without development or action. I also didn’t understand why Christmas and the New Year passed by without a mention. Time flew, but nothing happened.

Sorry to say, this is not one I’d recommend from Magdalena Scott. Read it if you’re a fan of the series, but otherwise I just don’t see the point.

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