Review: Claiming the Legend by Janet Eaves

Claiming the Legend by Janet Eaves

Series: Ladies of Legend (#1)
Release Date: January 29th, 2011
Page Count: 155
Source: eBook provided by publisher for review
For Lilly Peach staying alive means keeping a low profile, blending in, not being noticed. When she fears having been found by those contracted to kill her, Lilly is sent to a new “safe house” in Legend, Tennessee.

The pristine old fashioned streets and genteel southern hospitality of the town’s folks eventually lull Lilly into believing, maybe, just maybe, she can settle in and make a safe and quiet life for
herself. But when Legend’s nationally famous high school football coach decides to make her his lady, Lilly is thrown into the spotlight as well, giving those seeking to find and destroy her,
another chance to fulfill their contract.

This title is the first eBook novella from the print book/anthology, Finding Home, by Janet Eaves, Magdalena Scott, Jan Scarbrough, and Maddie James.

Review: This book is what every author wants to write: a teaser novella which will get you hooked and make you go buy the rest of the series two seconds after you finish it. Once you read the first page, you won’t want to stop, either. This book has one of the best opening scenes I’ve read in quite awhile. The author paints this vivid picture of the town of Legend, and makes you want to move there, too. The way she describes everything is just incredible, and you don’t feel like you’re reading a boring description to get to the action. You want to be friends with the characters you meet, and this book definitely makes you want to know more.

Lilly is learning to come alive again instead of always running; while Jim, who loves his town and his team but never another woman, realizes he’s falling in love with a woman he’s just met. The sparks shoot across the room when they first lay eyes on each other, and their chemistry sizzles to the last page. Their emotion, motivations, struggles, personalities — everything just leaps off the page and sucks you in. Be warned: just go ahead and buy the entire series at once — ’cause you won’t want to stop with this one.

Quote: “Blackness that felt alive as it wove around me like an anaconda, squeezing out my breath, was filled with screeches and banshee wails of pain and suffering.”
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