Review: Bound by Violette Dubrinsky

Bound by Violette Dubrinsky
Release Date: June 18th, 2011
Publisher: Beautiful Trouble
Received PDF from author for review

“Tell me what you are.”
“Tell me what I want to hear,” he countered.
Biting her cheek and praying this did not get her killed, she said slowly, “Marissa.”
He paused and lifted his head from her neck. “What was that?”
As she stared up at him, with a smile forming across his lips, and blue eyes patiently waiting for a confession, Katrina grudgingly admitted that he was beautiful, beautiful and twisted.
“I’m Marissa.”

Review: Katrina leads an apple pie life until an unexpected turn of events dump her world upside down. Black wings emerge from her back and what should have been a precious moment is turned into a nightmare.

Clearly all is not well in this sleepy town, and Katrina is not human. A smooth transition pans away from this scene and takes us to another realm. Here we meet the dark god Hypnos who’s found himself between a rock and a hard place. Bound by unbreakable chains he’s feed on by succubus Marissa. His strength of will and vicious visions of revenge are the only things that allow him to hold out until he’s rescued.

I’m anticipating the grand sparks that will fly from Hypnos seeks his retribution, when we’re returned to our heroine. Sassy, smart mouthed and independent Katrina is all grown up, and easy to like. So when she falls victim to a case of mistaken identity, and is imprisoned by Hypnos( who has enough baggage to fill an airplane), I’m immediately concerned. The fire between Hypnos and Katrina is visible from the start. But the twisted circumstances make “love” seem impossible.

Ms. V is a master of what she does. Using words and scenarios that make you love Hypnos one moment and hate him the next. You want things to work out in the end, but a part of you feels like he doesn’t deserve the happiness. Except after all he’s been through how could he not be cruel?

Katrina’s time with Hypnos is a tension filled, sexually charged push and pull that keeps you wondering what’s next. Here recue and proven innocence leaves them both conflicted. When Hypnos gets it together enough to come back, and apologize. I was relieved. He has a long way to go to earn her trust. But she admits to have feelings for him opens the door for the beautiful relationship you know is just buried beneath the mess that brought them together. What follows is a beautiful romance about overcoming obstacles for the one you’re meant to be with.

Rich in descriptive words and stepped in Greek mythology this tale hooks you from the start. Dark gods, sex-crazed succubae, oh my! Right from the start this story weaves a unique tale that won’t let you go. The pace is fast, but well explained, and chalked full of mystery. The kind that keeps you attention riveted to the page. Because you really aren’t sure what’s going to happen next. The sex is always hot. A wonderful blend of emotions and brilliant descriptions of naughty acts, the sensual scenes satisfy all of the senses. It’s a read I highly recommend to all, but especially to those who love mythology.

Quote: “I’m not most people, Katrina. I’m the god who loves you.”