Review: Beacon of the Night by Dawn Luedecke

Beacon of the Night by Dawn Luedecke
Series: (Lightsaving #1)
Release Date: December 6th, 2010
Publisher: Books to Go Now
Page Count: 20
Source: eBook provided by author for review

Rescued from the sea and the wreckage of his ship, Alex finds himself in the saving hands of the lighthouse keeper-a young woman. Sylvia has been keeping watch and saving lives from the lighthouse on Destruction Island since the death of her parents. The man she rescued this time draws her into the world of piracy and intrigue and she finds herself falling in love.

Review:  When I accepted this book for review, I knew it was a novella.  In fact, I was looking for a short story.  But I didn’t expect the book to be only 20 pages.  And therein lies the problem with this book.  It is very bare bones.  The book felt more like a plot outline of a longer story than the full book.  In fact, the story wasn’t bad… there was a lot of promise.  As I came to the last page, I found myself wishing that we’d learned more about the characters, spent more time with them, saw more action.

I looked up Dawn’s website when I saw this was the first book in a series.  I wanted to see if the next book followed Alex and Sylvia, because then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad that this tale was so short.  But, the other two books are about new couples… all of them revolving around lighthouse keepers.  And they are all about 7,000 words long.  I think it would be best to either expand on these stories or package them as an anthology as it’s not worth $1.99 each.

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