Meet the Reviewers: Shyla

Shyla Colt is a Sound and Lighting Engineer turned Stay-At-Home Mom with two main passions: music and the written word. Her stories are a blend of the paranormal laced with humor, passion, and a je ne sai quoi that she’d like to call all her own.

Married to her marine, she currently resides in sunny California (US) where she allows her characters to tell her their stories while feeding her music addiction and raising her wild child. She credits John Hughes, Marvel comics, punk music and the first paranormal romance novel she picked up at thirteen for creating the unique muse that drives her.

She prefers to read e-books, but there’s nothing wrong with curling up in a chair with a nice bound book from time to time. When it comes to genre it’s a tie, paranormal romance and anything interracial. But she’ll read anything if the plot hooks her in. When asked about her favorite book she went the less serious route; and picked one that offered wisdom for those of all ages: Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of the basics, and earn encouragement. This book does that every time.

You can find Shyla at her site: