Meet the Reviewers: Molly

Hey, ya’ll! My name is Molly. I’m 30-something and I’m an addict. Yeppers, I am and I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m a BOOK addict! I think there should be a BAA (Book Aholics Anonymous…anyone care to join me?) Well, now that THAT is out of the way……I live in North Carolina (US), I’m a happily married mom of two handsome teenagers, a part time Certified Nurse Assistant, and I love to read. Read and read and read. Did I mention that I love to read???? No? Well, yea, I do. I read in the bath, I read in the bed, I read in the sun, I read at work, I read….well, you get the picture. I’m also a big Beauty & The Beast, Alice In Wonderland and The Golden Girls fan. Oh who am I kidding, I also love Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries is in the mix, too. Let’s just say I have loads of things on my obsession list.

Eight years ago, I came across someone’s book blog and I said hey, why not try that? Thus, the birth of my blog, Cafinated Reads. I read everything from erotica romance to historical romance to New Adult, though my FAVORITE genre is Western(contemporary & historical) Romance. I’m also a big Molly McAdams, Jay Crownover, Diana Gabaldon, Randi Alexander and EL James fangirl.

My favorite book is by far is Molly McAdams’ Taking Chances. It is what readers call an ugly cry book and boy did it ever make me bawl my eyes out! I highly suggest ya’ll check it out. I love a good print book, but I also love to read on my Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire, Nook Touch or my iPad. Anywhere you see me, you will see me with one of my eReaders, and sometimes both a book and my eReader!