Meet the Reviewers: Amie Lou

Hi! It’s Amie Lou. I enjoy all types of fiction, though romance is my favorite— contemporary, historical, romantic suspense, and *anything* to do with cowboys. I enjoy the spicier novels—even erotic romance—but I also like the sweet ones as well. Besides fiction, I’ve been known to read the occasional parenting book. (Yes, I have *that* kid.) I think it’s safe to say that I understand how to enjoy a book for its own merits rather than just its genre. I only review in hard copies. I haven’t taken the e-reader plunge yet, but I hope to correct this soon.

I grew up in the deep South, but I now live in Oklahoma (US) with my husband and son —see, I have a good reason to love cowboys! When I’m not doing someone’s laundry or taxiing the little man to baseball or guitar practice, I like to write romance myself. You can see some of my work at and on my blog
My favorite book has to be Fancy Pants by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. The characterization is amazing and her sense of humor is unbeatable. Somehow she mixes just enough of the gritty with the almost over-the-top to make a real-life story worth re-visiting. I’ve also read the Harry Potter series multiple times. (It’s almost embarrassing to say the number.) Since I was asked for *one* favorite, I had to knock those out because there’s no way to choose.

I guess you could say I’m an avid reader, but I also enjoy gardening, counted cross stitch, swimming, and pretty much anything else that can get me out of doing housework!