Interview and Contest with Jamie Lynn Braziel

Jen: Our guest today is Jamie Lynn Braziel.  Please welcome us welcome her to the blog.  Jamie, will you please share a short bio with us?

Jamie: I was born in Texas and spent my grade school years in Oklahoma as the daughter of a Baptist minister. I moved back to Texas and graduated with a degree in English language and literature. After sampling a few career paths, I went to work for a bank and received a Masters of Science in accounting. I spend my free time with family and friends or pursuing my hobbies: writing, reading, crocheting, knitting, and playing the piano and fiddle.

Jen: Tell us about Declaring Spinsterhood and where is can be purchased.

Jamie: Declaring Spinsterhood is the story of 30-year-old Emma Bailey, a spunky, adventurous, and caring woman whose family constantly pesters her to date, get married, and have children. After being dumped by her first love and a barrage of horrendous first dates, she’s finally had enough and declares herself an old maid. However, her family is not giving in without a fight and many hilarious moments ensue.

Declaring Spinsterhood can be found on

Jen: At what age did you discover writing? When where you first published? Tell us your call story.

Jamie: I started writing stories and keeping a journal practically as soon as I learned my ABCs. Declaring Spinsterhood is my first novel to be published. I self-published in 2008, and then AmazonEncore secured the rights and relaunched it in May of this year.

Jen: Describe your writing in three words.

Jamie: On the fly.

Jen: Do you have a writing routine?

Jamie: I do not have a routine because I do not want my writing to be forced. If I try, it inevitably leads to the dreaded writer’s block. Instead, I write whenever and wherever the mood strikes. I always have something with me to capture my words and thoughts whether it be pen and paper or my cell phone.

Jen: Do you struggle with deadlines? How do you deal with the pressure?

Jamie: After more than 20 years of school, I’m well acquainted with deadlines and have no problems meeting them. I admit that I am a procrastinator, but I work best under pressure.

Jen: Is there a genre you’d like to write? Is there a genre you’ll probably stay away from? Why?

Jamie: I like many different genres and have no interest in pursuing just one. In fact, I like to incorporate elements of several in my writing. I probably will never write science fiction as I like to deal with everyday reality in my stories.

Jen: What kind of research did you do for this book?

Jamie: The only research I did for this book was hanging out with my own family. They provided plenty of material for plot, dialogue, etc.

Jen: How much influence does the editor have over the story or characters?

Jamie: An editor can have tremendous influence over the story and characters if a writer trusts his or her judgement, but ultimately, the final result/decision is all mine as the writer.

Jen: How do you pick character’s names?

Jamie: For me, the characters’ names are always a reflection of people I’ve known personally or in literature who share some of the same traits as my characters.

Jen: If Declaring Spinsterhood was made into a movie, which actors would you cast as the main characters?

Jamie: If I were luckily enough to see Declaring Spinsterhood as a movie, I would love to see Isla Fischer play Emma. I have not been able to decide on any of the others.

Jen: Who has inspired you as an author?

Jamie: There are too many to name: every author whose books I read; every director whose movies I see; every songwriter whose lyrics I hear; and so on. Everything in my life is an inspiration.

Jen: What’s next for you?

Jamie: Now that I’ve finished grad school, I am taking a break for some me time. That means catching up on all the great things I’ve missed the last few years, spending lots of quality time with my family and friends, and being a Soldiers’ Angels volunteer. Then I plan to pull out the ideas I’ve been letting simmer in the back of my mind, choose one, and start writing my next novel.

Jen: Where can you be found on the web?

Jamie: I can be found on Facebook and Twitter, or I can be contacted by email at

Jen: Is there anything you’d like to ask our readers?

Jamie: I’d like to ask your readers to remember our troops and consider supporting them in their deployments through Soldiers’ Angels or Adopt-a-Platoon.

Contest details:

  • The prize is a print copy of Declaring Spinsterhood.
  • The contest is open to US residents.
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  • The contest ends on Sunday, July 3.

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