Review: The True Meaning of Love by Michael Mandrake

The True Meaning of LoveReviewer: Ive

The True Meaning of Love by Michael Mandrake
Release Date: March 10th, 2011
Publisher: XOXO
Source: eBook provided by author for review

Blurb: Brandon McFerry and London Davies are a couple that have been together six years. After having an argument over the importance of Brandon’s event at his art gallery versus London’s party at his club, London is involved in a serious car accident that causes him to become temporarily incapacitated. During his rehabilitation, Brandon and London will learn the true meaning of love thus bringing them closer together.

Review: This is a very short read, around 20 pages, which starts off with Brandon McFerry and London Davies having a disagreement because London cannot make it to Brandon’s big art opening showcasing his work. London owns a club and has some high profile people having a party the same night as the opening, leaving Brandon heartbroken and upset. Without going into too much detail (without giving away the whole story), London gets into a car accident and can’t go on vacation with Brandon for his birthday which also happens to be Christmas. London is devastated because he can’t make love to his fiancé on his birthday and decides to get a close friend to give Brandon a special gift.

Since it was a short read, it was hard to truly get involved with the characters. Some areas seemed very rushed, even the intimate ones. I completely understand what the author was trying to get across with the title. I just wished it would have been longer because then I think I might have been able to connect with the story more.

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