Review: Someone to Cherish by Kate Rothwell

Someone to CherishReviewer: Jenni

Someone to Cherish by Kate Rothwell
Release Date: January 31st, 2011
Publisher: BooksForABuck
Source: Received eBook from author for review

Blurb: When a detective named Cutter first meets Callie, he believes her to be a prostitute for a business about to be raided by the police. After an enlightening conversation and a bold kiss initiated by a slightly tipsy Callie, Cutter knows instantly that she is an innocent girl, clearly in the wrong place at the wrong time. Cutter clears Callie of any involvement with the porn business, but her employer refuses to believe her innocence and tosses her out on the streets. But when Cutter steps in and offers Callie a position in his home as companion to his granny we see a growing attraction between these two people, but in reality Callie is a lady and deserves to be treated as one, while Cutter is a man of the streets and will never be a gentleman.

Review: This story was a historical romance with a nice little murder-mystery set in historical New York in the 1880s. Cutter is a no-frills man of the streets while Callie is clearly a lady who deserves more than the hand she’s been dealt in life. Cutter’s granny and Callie’s uncle added nice dimension to the story, as did the personalities of Cutter’s cohorts. While the story itself was pretty good, two things about this book left me scratching my head. First, the author does a great job building sexual tension between Callie and Cutter, but the story strings you along without that build-up ever being satisfied. Secondly, the author has a very free-spirited style of writing which, unfortunately, lacks polish and may leave the reader distracted by all the fragmented sentences and modern phraseology. Someone to Cherish was originally published under the title The Ratcatcher.

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