Review: Slow Dancing on Price’s Pier by Lisa Dale

Reviewer: Valerie

Slow Dancing on Price’s Pier by Lisa Dale
Release Date: April 5th, 2011
Publisher: Berkley (Penguin)
Page Count: 368
Source: Borrowed from library (read for pleasure)

Blurb: A family learns that time can erase mistakes when the heart remains true- from a refreshing new storyteller.

Fifteen years ago, Garret Sorensen’s family, trust, and heart were destroyed when Thea Celik betrayed him and married his brother. Now they are divorcing. Garret’s ready to finally mend his relationship with his brother. But being back in Newport, Rhode Island, triggers a lot of memories- all leading back to Thea.

Thea’s not ready to let go of the Sorensens — even if it means being around Garret. As they cautiously circle around each other-finding themselves drawn together-they realize following their hearts could cast them adrift.

Advice: Pack this one in your bag and hit the beach!

Review: Stories about summertime and first loves always bring me back to my teen years – before the life you think you’ll have actually starts, for real. I recently read the young adult trilogy by Jenny Han (book one is The Summer I Turned Pretty), which was fantastic and I wanted something to read along those lines again…I was not disappointed in Slow Dancing on Price’s Pier.

I really enjoyed the small town feeling of this book and Thea’s “coffee columns” from the local newspaper found at the beginning of each chapter. Thea’s connection with her parents and heritage lives on as she waits on customers in her coffee shop. The loss of her marriage to Jonathan and the comfortable life she had takes a toll on her as she questions all her decisions from the past fifteen years and confronts feelings she thought were long gone. The ambivalence and stress placed on the family that Thea loves so much is simply too much for her to bear at times and there were several times when I teared up.

While I like the writing style in this story, it’s not for everyone. As you find out about Thea and Jonathan’s marriage, you also read flashbacks to when they were younger. You find out how Thea, Jonathan, and Garret, his brother, were always together like peas in a pod. As you read about how their daughter acts out her feelings of anger and uncertainty as they separate and then divorce, you read flashbacks explaining how Thea and Garret were involved – before he was arrested. While Jonathan was the son his family considered “a disappointment,” I enjoyed reading how he started to discover who he was and what HE wanted, instead of settling for the type of love he would not receive from Thea. I wasn’t sure of Garret’s character and his intentions, but by the end of the story he had stolen my heart too.

A brutally honest story of what happens when you love one boy and consider the other a friend. A definite beach read, especially for those folks who like stories that wonder “What if I had…?”

Quote: “But sometime near daybreak, before the sun appeared, his sleepy brain began to realize that he was not only dreaming of Thea’s soft breathing and the feel of her body against his, he was with her. She still loved him. And he knew: the bliss of reality far outweighed the joy of his dreams.” Page 294.


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