Review: Mating Season by Persephone Jones

Reviewer: Karen

Mating Season by Persephone Jones
Series: An Easter Egg Themed Title
Release Date: April 1st, 2011
Publisher: Shadowfire Press
Page Count: 130
Heat Level: Fire — Hotter, with more graphic descriptions, but still a dedicated couple and a Happily Ever After ending. May include a few more controversial themes, mild BDSM, D/s as play between a dedicated couple; toy play and some ‘dirty words’ may be found.
Source: PDF provided by publisher for review

Blurb: A down-on-her-luck woman falls for a man she believes is guilty of armed robbery.

Unemployed, homeless, and newly single Lily Easterman’s life is in shambles. But it isn’t until she has a hot one-night stand with a handsome stranger she meets in a bar that things go from bad to complicated. The last thing she expects is to fall in love with a sexy criminal or become a hostage to passion. But that’s exactly what happens and the Easter miracles don’t stop there.

Full-blooded Cherokee detective John Jumping Hare is a man on a mission. Investigating a rash of convenience store robberies, he adds passion to the mix when, during a routine training exercise, he gets taken for the armed robber by none other than the woman he just spent the night with. To tell her the truth would blow his cover, not to mention his fantasy, so he does what he has to and brings her along for the ride.

Review: The synopsis for Mating Season leads one to believe there is an interesting story to follow. What I found is that it is a story about a couple who just met thinking about sex, discussing sex, having sex, thinking about more sex, and having more sex. And, while the words were there, I never was able to connect and feel anything. For me, the story the synopsis promised never materialized. It was an easy read, but one I just couldn’t get into.


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