Review: Drawn into Darkness by Annette McCleave

Drawn Into Darkness: A Soul Gatherer NovelReviewer: Jen

Drawn into Darkness by Annette McCleave

Series: Soul Gatherers (#1)
Release Date: September 1st, 2009
Publisher: Signet

Page Count: 352

Blurb: Serving a five-hundred-year sentence as a Soul Gatherer-one who battles demons for the souls of the dead-Lachlan MacGregor keeps his distance from humans. That is, until the lovely Rachel Lewis knocks on his door, begging for help.

As they struggle to rescue her daughter from the clutches of a powerful demon, Lachlan finds himself increasingly drawn to the artistic single mother. But when Death assigns him an unbearable task, he’s left wondering who will provide more for his soul.

Review: I picked this book up at the library. I found it while scanning the shelves looking for something new to read. The fact that it was paranormal and the first book in the Soul Gatherers series were pluses. So I picked it up and started to read.

It look a little while for me to really get where the book was going. It starts out introducing the reader to our hero, Lachlan, by dropping us right into the middle of one of his “assignments” as a Soul Gatherer. However, it’s not really explained what he’s doing at this point and that left me quite confused. And let me tell you, it’s not a good thing to have me confused within the first 10 pages of a 352-page novel. But I stuck with it.

Then we meet Rachel, our love interest, and her daughter Emily, an angst ridden teen. Their strained relationship sends Rachel to Lachlan for advice and support. But, of course, Rachel doesn’t know about this paranormal world Lachlan lives in, but it drawn into it anyway.

So, this book reminded me a lot of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunters. You have a “god” (Death vs Artemis) who collects souls of people, which lands them working for the god pretty much unwillingly as a way of redeeming themselves. And then there is the hoard of demons (daimons) who are the nemesis of the “good guys”.

After the slow start, I really got into this book and ended up reading the second half non-stop. I enjoyed it, but found it to be lacking if you compare it to the Dark-Hunters. However, it is the first in a series, so a lot of setting up of the world and introducing the major players is necessary and therefore all that extra narrative can be forgiven.

All that said, I will likely hunt down a copy of the sequel, Bound by Darkness, to see where Annette McCleave is going to take this series.

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