Review: Deliver Me by Kathleen Lawless

Deliver MeReviewer: Jen

Deliver Me by Kathleen Lawless
Release Date: May 20th, 2011
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Pages: 242
Source: eBook provided by publisher for review

Blurb: SHE TRUSTED HIM… Raised on a small Arkansas farm, Maddy Winslow craves excitement, but an escaped convict seeking shelter in her barn is more adventure than she bargained for. Determined to help the brooding stranger clear his name, Maddy impulsively joins Judson Burke on a dangerous journey to his Texas home — and finds herself the victim of relentless passion…

HE TRUSTED NO ONE… When the prison wagon transporting Judson crashes, he flees, praying for a chance to prove his innocence in his wife’s murder. Betrayed by his past desire, all Jud wants now is his freedom — until his beautiful traveling companion convinces him that love is the only thing worth fighting for…

Review: As a history lover, I’m a fan of historical western romance.  But all too often, the books start to blend together, especially when Native Americans are part of the story.  But this story was different.  It didn’t take place out on a isolated ranch, Podunk town or amongst a Native American tribe.  No, we get to visit a newly blossoming San Antonio and Houston as Maddy and Jud race against time to prove Jud’s innocence in his wife’s murder.

This book has it all — romance, action, mystery and solid characters and plot.  I found myself turning the virtual pages as the tension between Jud and Maddy as well as the mystery surrounding Jud’s innocence grabbed my attention and held on tight.  And the nice twist at the end satisfied the mystery fan in me. All-in-all, I enjoyed this western romp and look forward to reading more by Kathleen Lawless.

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