Review: 100 Points for Miss Kitty by Laci Leigh

100 Points For Miss Kitty (KRP SASSY!)
Reviewer: EmmaRae

100 Points for Miss Kitty by Laci Leigh
Series: kNight Romance Publishing SASSY!
Release Date: April 14th, 2011
Publisher: kNight Romance Publishing
Page Count: 77
Source: Provided by publisher for review

Blurb: It’s the Fourth of July weekend, and after a bad day at the office, Katrina’s life instantly takes on a different twist when she arrives home to find her sexy new neighbor Todd half naked and washing his car.
As Todd’s interest peaks, Katrina has her own set of rules before he gets a chance to meet Miss Kitty. He has to earn a total of one hundred points in a day’s time, or no Miss Kitty.
Through a hysterically funny chain of events, Katrina realizes that Todd is just what she needed, someone who can break through the walls around her heart.
Her Fourth of July weekend turns out to be more than just fireworks for dear Miss Kitty!

Review: The author had a good idea with this one. What lets us all decide who to take to bed? When has the guy “earned the privilege”? Maybe if it had been longer, I could have followed it better. As short as this story was, the actions were pretty hard to follow because they didn’t make sense all the time. I would love to read this story fleshed out. Short, superficial stories are great, and don’t always require deep characters. This one occasionally attempted something deeper and it fell flat because both characters conflicted themselves too often.

Quote: “The engine roared to life, sending chill bumps to pepper my arms.” I liked the phrase. Shows the author might have potential.

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