Meet the Reviewers: Sabrina

Hello! My name is Sabrina. I am from the Bay Area in beautiful California. I am allowed to call it beautiful today because the sun is out. Wait until a storm hits and it turns back in to regular California.

I accept almost ANYTHING for reviews. I just love reading books. The only thing I tend to have a hard timer reviewing are books that don’t have a happy ever after ending (it’s romance. Doesnt that scream hea? Obviously, just a personal preference) and autobiographies. I LOVE to read fiction. I like to read non-fiction. As far as the format I read: ebook and print. I love the convenience with ebooks but love the smell of a print book. Yes, the smell.

I had a hard time debating what I would put down as my favorite book. Mostly because I know EXACTLY what my favorite book is. Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. The reason I debated not putting this down was because it is not a romance. It is not even a YA book. It is a preteen novel. I can not even point out to you what it is about this book that I love. I think it is a mixture of how much character development there is in such a short novel and the complexity of a story with a story that sometimes tells stories. As complicated as this sounds, it was made really easy to understand in the book. I was in the fourth grade when I read it. I don’t suggest younger than that, simply because there are difficult things to deal with (as in every great book). I read this book at least twice a year and have bought it multiple times due to it falling apart after so many readings. Another favorite book is Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward. Her novels have gone down since (imho) but this one was at the top of her prime (again, imho).

I recently graduated from college with a major in Justice Studies and a minor in Sociology. I have no idea what I am going to do with that yet. But I am hopeful it will not have been a waste. I currently spend my days in an office as a administration assistant.

For fun, I read. Surprise, surprise. I have a bucket list I have a ton of fun adding to and crossing things off of. I can’t think of anything I am allergic to (accept my brother’s body spray) and I love my cat. Most of my free time, I can be found reading with my cat in my lap and not a care in the world. I rely on my best friend of 11 years to rouse me to come back to the real world. I can be found at my blog,