Guest: Violette Dubrinsky

Why I Write Paranormals

I love books. I will read anything as long as there is a great plot, interesting characters, and a pull that keeps me tethered. But if the book has the elements of the paranormal, nine out of ten times I will enjoy it even more. Why? Having this genre in my opinion, adds a different dimension of great to an already good book. I’ve read numerous paranormal pieces, from the big names to the lesser known writers, and each time, I’ve seen these creatures from a different perspective. The vampire romance has been penned countless times yet there is still a huge market for it. Every author who makes it big in this genre introduces creatures that are unique from the ones we’ve read before. Christine Feehan’s Carpathians showcased vampires in a light that was different from the “gorey, blood-sucking killers” that were perpetuated before. From there, Sherrilyn Kenyon introduced her “Dark Hunters,” a breed of humorous vampire-hunters entangled with Greek mythology. Next, JR Ward gave us the “Black Dagger Brotherhood,” the gritty, rap-obsessed warrior vampires protecting their race from the “lessers.” And these are only a select few of the authors who delve into the vampire romance genre.

This is why I write paranormal fantasy. In each of the cases above, the main breed is the same or similar. Yet each book is so unique from the other that with each reading, you feel pulled into their different worlds.

My paranormal stories do not deal with vampires, but dark gods. I’ve always loved the idea of the ‘fallen’—fallen angels in particular—so when asked to participate in a Halloween story, I immediately thought of writing that. As I did my research, I came upon these lesser known gods called the “dark gods.” Because I’d never heard of them, and never read of them in romance either, I was immediately intrigued. They were the children of Nyx, Goddess of the Night, and Erebos, God of Darkness, and they included scary titles like, the Gods and Goddesses of Death, Doom, Violent Death, Vengeance, and Despair. I was so entranced that I immediately began the first processes of writing for these creatures: dreaming about them. (An interesting tidbit about me is that I can’t write a story unless I dream about the characters first.)

Of course, I chose to tell the tale of the God of Death, Thanatos, first. It was Halloween, and from the little background I found on him, he was deliciously terrifying. Keeping consistent with my ‘fallen’ theme, I had my scary God of Death cast from his comfortable domain (home) on Tartarus and into the realm of the humans, where he meets Simone Randall, the human journalist he must have. As I received feedback for his story, Fallen: Tale of a Dark God, I decided to create a series, and expand this world. For the second book in the Dark God Saga, I chose Thanatos’s twin, Hypnos, God of Sleep and Dreams, who plays the vital role of protector in the first story. Of the siblings, Hypnos is the one who seems a bit at odds with his dangerous family. He controls the elements of sleep and dreams, and is considered the ‘nice’ dark god. This completely changes in Bound, when he becomes hell-bent on revenge for a grave wrong committed against him. In Bound, the succubae community is introduced, and there are handcuffs and chains involved (wink).

Writing a paranormal romance is the equivalence of world-building. Once upon a time I was obsessed with the Sims because it allowed me to create an entire country from scratch. I like this type of control over a story and believe that most paranormal authors do as well. Being able to create a Celtic werewolf, a hybrid warlock, or druid twins, creatures that will be introduced in my upcoming “Moonlight” series, is what penning a paranormal romance truly means to me. As long as there is an accompanying explanation, you can put any non-human entity into this genre, and give him whatever powers or unique characteristic you see fit.

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Legal analyst by day, and romance writer whenever the Muse calls, Violette Dubrinsky is the author of the Dark God Saga. She enjoys writing paranormal and fantasy romance stories with stubborn, at times, clashing characters who eventually learn the error of their ways and grow to love each other. She is the youngest of three, and the only girl. As such, she was spoiled rotten (in her elaborate dreams), and always wished for a playmate closer to her age. At a young age, she began creating stories to fill in for the lack of creativity on the part of her two older jock brothers. She finally tried her hand at writing her freshman year of college. Since then, she’s written numerous manuscripts, including Warrior and Taken by Moonlight, and is in the process of publishing them. Violette resides in New York, and although she has no pets, is intent on getting a Malamute (since it is the closest she will ever be to a wolf and she is quite obsessed with werewolves) at some point in her life.

She can be found at her website, or her publisher’s website,

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