Guest: Kaira Rouda

The characteristics of a writer.

One of the questions I was asked recently was what does it take to be a successful writer. And, of course, the definition of success varies. So I’ve decided to stick with the definition of a writer. Mine is pretty simple, but I hope true.


I’m convinced that resilience is the number one talent a writer must possess. Sure, she should be creative, study the craft, a reader, a thinker and an intuitive person. But above all, a writer needs to be resilient. I say that because the writing life is tough. It has so many downs and lonely moments that it is easy to forget the ups and the positive ones. Buoyancy is important for a writer.

A network.

Without a group of supporters – either in person, online or both – those lonely moments stretch into days and months. I’ve been wowed by the simple and profound support I’ve discovered online with the world of writers. I hope, one day, when I get to meet them in person that the connection is just as strong. I think it will be. Build your network if you want to be a writer. You need support.


Writers must write. You know you are one because you’re doing what you love. You aren’t talking about it, you’re not just reading, you are writing. When it’s tough.When it’s easy.Wherever and whenever you can. A sense of purpose, a drive to the finish, that’s what published writers have.

Good luck in all of your writing endeavors.

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