Review: Written in Blood by Elaina Lee

Review by Danielle.

Written in Blood captivates its readers from the very first page, and is an example of an excellent mystery romance.  It is written in such a way that despite the fact that what is clearly suppose to be completely unexpected is actually quite predictable, it is still an addictive novel to read.

The main characters are very flawed and damaged, which makes all the more interesting to read about, because it means that they seem more realistic. Lyndi does occasionally feel a bit unrealistic despite this because of her reactions to certain situations, instead of reacting like a normal person would, she reacts completely differently and there isn’t a reason given explaining why she didn’t react ordinary.  Also it would have been nice if the relationship between the two main characters was built up at a steadier rate, because the rate in which it progressed seemed rather unrealistic. 

Even with its flaws Written in Blood is still an enjoyable read and mystery romance fans should definitely enjoy it. 

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