Review: Texas Blue by Jodi Thomas

Reviewed by Jen
Book provided by author for review

Lewt Paterson is a thriving gambler, but  is looking for something more real in his life.  He decides that he needs a rich wife and when he hears his friend talk about trying to marry off his cousins, Lewt thinks this might be the answer to his situation.  When he arrives at Whispering Mountain Ranch as one of the suitors there to woo the cousins, he find that he is more drawn to the female ranch hand, Em.

Emily McMurray doesn’t want to get married, so she persuades a friend to pretend to take her place entertaining the suitors.  But when Lewt decides to spend more and more time with her, learning about the ranch, Em isn’t sure what to do with the unfamiliar feelings assaulting her.

Texas Blue is part of Jodi Thomas’ Whispering Mountain series.  Even though I’ve not read any of the other books, this one is book 5, I found myself intrigued with this little corner of Texas that Ms Thomas has carved out and the family that has settled there. The book stands alone quite well, but characters from previous book (and likely future ones) do make their appearances (or at least are well mentioned).

Lewt and Emily both had scarred childhoods, and it’s interesting to see how it effects them in adulthood and colors how they see the world and the opposite sex.  I like how Ms Thomas really develops the friendship between the characters as the foundation of their relationship instead of just focusing on the attraction.

This book made me cry numerous times.  And I also found it to be a page turner when the action (involving a rescue mission to Mexico) picked up in the second half.  I recommend this book and am going to be finding myself copies of earlier books in the series as my interest as been piqued.

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