Review: Spinning by Michael Baron

SpinningReview by Jenni

Spinning is the first book I’ve read by Michael Baron, and I assure you it will not be the last. A compelling work of contemporary fiction, this book shares equal parts humor, romance and drama creating a poignant story that is sure to stir your emotions.

A public relations executive by day and a playboy by night, Dylan Hunter balances work, martinis and women like a juggler trying to keep his plates continuously spinning and under control. But when Diane, a former lover, shows up out of the blue with her young daughter in tow, Dylan is about to send another plate spinning into the air.

Dylan and Diane rekindle their romance while her daughter, Spring, begins to soften Dylan’s heart and open his eyes to the world as seen by a three year old. Suddenly crayon drawings on expensive Manhattan apartment walls, macaroni topped pizza and zoo visits to see the penguins become cherished moments for the happy trio. But just when he makes some heavy choices about his life, Dylan’s world suddenly crashes to a halt, leaving him alone to take care of Spring. Little does he realize that Spring becomes much more than just a charge in his care when her fragile, wonder-filled world fills Dylan with feelings he never anticipated. But when the law intervenes to take Spring away, Dylan is left fighting with little hope for winning the girl who has changed his life forever.

Baron weaves a splendid page-turner with a strong cast of characters you can’t help but get attached to. I also prefer stories with lots of dialogue and this one fit the bill perfectly. Another thing I really enjoyed about this book is that it is written in the first person, from Dylan’s point of view. The author doesn’t shy away from showing Dylan’s thoughts about women, work or his feelings about being stuck taking care of Spring. Having teased others in the past about being “pre-fab” (single with a child), Dylan now finds himself in this exact position and he isn’t laughing anymore. But Spring’s situation is touching and beautifully written; a balm to soothe Dylan in a most unexpected way. Will this playboy permanently trade in his martinis for play dates? Only one little girl and the mystery of her paternity will tell.

Spinning shines with warmth, witty prose and dazzling story-telling… a story not to be missed!

My rating: 9 – Loved it!

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