Review: The Most Intimate Wish by FL Bicknell

The Most Intimate WishReviewed by Lori

Source:  ebook from author

This short story book is available on line and it’s not available in print.  The protaginists are Dinah and Jeff who have moved into a new apartment, and their new landlords are a bit quirky.  Dinah wants very much to get married and start a family while Jeff is resistant.  Also, Dinah is suspicious that Jeff is cheating on her.

I really liked this story.  Short stories can be frustrating sometimes because there are parts that you wish could be fleshed out to help you understand the characters or the story better.  While I wish that some parts of the story were fleshed out, they were things that weren’t really that imperative to the story, so that was just me!!  I liked the idea of the whole story; it was paranormal without being really far out bizarre and I really liked the end.  It was nice how the author wrapped up the story and gave all the characters their own happy endings.  I liked the landlady, she was a motherly best friend kind of character that you could relate to in your own life.  I didn’t like how needy Dinah was toward Jeff.  I suppose I can forgive that Dinah was overly emotional and fragile because of her own past, but she was just so tortured!!!  I felt bad for her.  Jeff had a lot on his mind during the story and got a little insensitive toward Dinah.  He acted like a jerk toward her at one point and Dinah got a little annoyed at him, so that was good.  She still suffered about it though.  I found it really hard to like Jeff because of the whole cheating accusation and because of the way he acted toward Dinah.  He eventually redeems himself and I found myself forgiving him.  Yeha Jeff!!  Dinah grows a spine and comes into her own.  Go Dinah!!  If you’re looking for a short story with some paranormal weirdness, give this book a try.

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