Review: Kentucky Blues by Cat Shaffer

Kentucky BluesReviewer: Valerie

Blurb: Elise Drummond has never forgotten her first love-and never expected to learn via the grapevine that he was back in Brookville and living with her mother. Sam McCade had broken her heart, and she wasn’t about to let him destroy her mother’s as well. A quick trip back to Kentucky to lay down the law and she could back to the safe life she’d built for herself in Kansas City. When Sam McCade went on the run in the middle of the night to save his sister from her abusive husband, there was only one person he could trust to help them, Hannah Drummond. He expected the local gossips to have a field day with his return to Brookville, but he never dreamed Elise would roll into town to check out the situation for herself. And he certainly never imagined that in order to save his sister, Elise would be willing to sacrifice herself as the pawn in a dangerous game of catch the monster when his brother-in-law decides to take back what he wants no matter who stands in his way.

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Review: Oh, did I love this book…from the beginning to the end! When Tim calls his sister, Elise, to tell her their mom is shacked up with a younger guy, the fun started. I laughed so much when she gets to town and indeed, the younger guy is staying with her mom AND they are whispering and sharing knowing glances. The history between Elise and her mom’s boytoy is too much for her to handle and I had so much fun reading about her reactions while getting glimpses into their past.

Eventually the constant whispering and repeated “errands” gets to Elise and she begins to figure out something is indeed going on but she has no idea what… Thrown into the mix is her arrogant boyfriend, who she repeatedly hangs up on and does not miss, even a little. Throughout it all is Elise’s mom, Hannah. Hannah, who befriended a lost teenager years ago. Hannah, who did what she thought was right for her two children. Hannah, who is now a cougar? It’s too much for Elise. She is confused, tormented, and stirred up by all the things going on that she can’t figure out. Let’s not forget the kisses she’s been sharing with Sam (the boytoy) and the laughing continued.
What you, the reader, knows is that Sam is hiding his sister, Annie, away from her abusive husband. You know how he has stayed out of Elise’s life for her own good. You know how he carries guilt for not realizing the type of man his sister married. You know he’s wealthy and ready to settle down. You know he loves Hannah like his own mother and has never stopped loving Elise…but how does everything end? The mean husband does show up, in a way I didn’t expect. He does hurt the people that Sam loves and Sam is helpless to stop it. But the women in this book rally and Elise, Annie, and Hannah are stronger than anyone suspects.
A truly good read, perfect for an afternoon swinging away with the wind chimes playing and the spring sun shining.

Quote: “They haven’t started necking on the couch,” she said, “or doing anything else, uh,
provocative in front of me. Something is going on, though. Page 29


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