Review: Crystal Genie by Opal Carew

Review by Marissa.

Crystal Genie is an interesting story. I found it interesting that Celeste was absorbed by the crystal and part of her knew that life as she knew it was going to change. Crystal Genie had a twist from the normal genie in a bottle story. This genie was in a crystal, and there is a time limit on the wishes. Celeste has only three days to make the three wishes, which was interesting. If you were put on the spot like Celeste would you be able to come up with your wishes?
Zuran, the Genie, was different. He left me with mixed feelings. He had a dislike for women and changed Celeste to suit him. I understand his hatred toward Atia for imprisoning him centuries ago, but he shouldn’t take it out on all women.  
Overall, I found Crystal Genie to be a great read. I enjoyed the relationship between Celeste and Zuran and watching them react to each other. However if left me wondering if Celeste was returned to her original appearance or not. The only thing I would have liked for Crystal Genie to have more of was more of an emotional connection between the characters. 
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