Review: The Atlas of Love by Laurie Frankel

The Atlas of Love: A NovelReview by Mary

The Atlas of Love written by Laurie Frankel
08/10 – St. Martin’s Press – Hardcover, 336 pages

Do we really have the ability to un-love someone?

Jane Duncan and her two graduate school friends Katie and Jill have found themselves in a situation they have never faced before – parenting. They are well educated, independent and accomplished women who met by coincidence and became friends despite their differences and will stand by Jill especially now that the father is walking away.

Jill’s pregnancy and her son Atlas’s birth force the overachieving threesome to come up with a plan to all stay in school, take care of the baby and still have lives. What none of them counted on was life really giving them something they could not read about in a book. No one can really educate you on how to care for a baby regardless of how many classes you take.

But Janey and her friends may have men in and out of their lives, religious differences, family issues and some knockdown, drag out fights but they always knew they had each other right? When Jill’s wandering baby daddy comes back into her life is it because he wants both Jill and his son or just to visit and play house? Then a terrible double dose of tragedy hits these friends and they learn fast whether they are going to survive as friends let alone as critical people in Atlas’s life.

The difficult part for Janey was not loving Atlas or stepping up to take of him when he needed it but the reality of letting go when Jill makes the decision that changes everything is almost unbearable for her. You always build a new life but there are times you want to drag every part of your old life with you.

This book is about so much more than the love of a baby and how friends come through regardless of what is going on in another’s life. This book is about showing in detail those things as they happen and how these people deal with the good, bad and difficult days and nights that you live through day after day.

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