Meet the Reviewers: Karen

Vision in White (The Bride Quartet, Book 1)Hi, I’m Karen.

Originally from the East Coast, I moved to North Central Texas about 15 years ago. Oh, yes, there were just a few adjustments to make! ;o). And, no, I don’t miss the snow and cold one teeny little bit!!

I recently retired, after spending far too many years in the financial services industry – stress level substantially reduced. I had some big plans about traveling and thought this would be a really good time to buy a Nook. Certainly easier to carry one little ‘book’ versus bags and bags of books, and, as the one carrying those books around, my husband (yup, got me a Texas cowboy!!) agreed. Thanks to the internet, I’ve found new authors and more books to read — oh my! Do you know how many ‘free’ e-books there are??? And how about instant shopping in my jammies? I’m not seeing any negatives here, my friends!
I’ve always been an avid reader and I read a variety of genres. My favorite genres include romantic suspense, thriller, crime, mystery, medical thriller, military thriller, and contemporary romance. I’ve also been known to read general fiction, paranormal, and erotica. I love being able to become immersed in a story; to lose track of time and find dinner will be a bit later than usual because I couldn’t put the book down or find myself laughing out loud or even crying

Do I have a favorite book? When Stephanie asked me to choose a favorite book, I began running in circles, pulling out my hair, and screaming – She wants what????????? I can’t do that!!!!!!

How about if I select Nora Roberts’s The Bride Quartet? (Vision in White, Bed of Roses, Savor the Moment, Happily Ever After).  Would that work?