Meet the Reviewers: EmmaRae

I’m Emma Rae. Born and raised in touristy Orlando, FL, I finally escaped to relax in West Palm Beach. I’ve always devoured any kind of book—horror, mystery, romance, erotica, suspense, fantasy–I love them all. Having eBooks on my HTC Incredible lets me carry hundreds of books in my pocket so I can read in line, at a red light, on the beach or just relaxing at home.  Of course, my night table still always has a stack of paperbacks on it.

EBooks have also introduced me to book giveaways, where I didn’t always read the synopsis. Imagine my surprise when one day I finally realized the two male cops in the story were the romantic angle. Turned out I liked it and I added m/m romance to my list of genres to read. I enjoy books with humor and strong character development, especially if the hero or heroine has a lot of healing, recovery, or growth to accomplish in the book.  

Ah, the favorite book question. I couldn’t even pick a favorite author. At the moment, looking through my eBooks I’ll say Seeking Single Male by Stephanie Bond or Dancing in the Moonlight by RaeAnne Thayne. Stephanie Bond cracks me up, and Dancing in the Moonlight had a strong female character maimed in war, which is unusual for a female in romance.

Right now my life is filled with studying for graduate school, so reading novels is a much needed escape. If my reviews can help someone find a new favorite or avoid spending money on something they’ll never finish, I’ll be delighted.  I don’t have time to have a personal blog or website, so writing for Romancing the Book is an excellent opportunity for me.