Meet the Reviewers: Beth

My name is Beth Price and I am thirty-one years old. Wow, when I see it in type it makes me old! I have three dogs/children; Nikki, Diesel, and Dozer and a cat, Wicked. I love all things Spanish and hope to one day write a best-seller and retire to Cancun. Hey, a girl can dream, right? I live in Central Alabama and am currently a full time college student working on a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. I have a blog where I write about everything from books I have read and/or reviewed to my current gripes for the day, week, or month at My absolute favorite genres are paranormal/paranormal-romance and thrillers. Of course, I always love to read a good romance too. People have called me opinionated but I just consider myself passionate. I also so love to do embroidery in my spare time. My goal as a reviewer is to help readers find a book they just cannot stop reading until the end of the final page. My favorite book ever would have to be Dance Upon The Air by Nora Roberts. This book is the first in the Three Sisters Trilogy. This is a lovely story filled with magic and the love of three sisters. I hope to re-read them soon and do a review of the trilogy as whole.