Meet the Reviewers: Stephanie

Stephanie with you! My favorite genres to read include contemporary romance, historical romance, romantic suspense, young adult, chick-lit, erotica, literary fiction, and mystery. So basically anything but non-fiction — though I will consider the occasional memoir or fitness-related guide. Since I don’t have an e-reader, I only review hard copies, but hopefully my genre preferences are wide enough to make up for that. You can read my reviews for Romancing the Book by clicking the button below, or check out my personal blog, ¡Miraculous!, where I also often post book reviews.
State College (name of my town, not my school) Tennis represent! Only I’m not wearing my team shirt in this picture. But I am wearing a very terrific pair of birthday sunglasses. 
I am also Romancing the Book’s review coordinator which means, if you are an author or publisher looking to have your book reviewed, you’ll be hearing from me a lot 🙂
My favorite book changes depending on the day of the year, to be honest. But one of the real winners is Ethan Hawke’s The Hottest State. It’s one of those books you keep close at heart and remember forever.
As of current, I live in Pennsylvania, where, when not reading romance novels or practicing on our school turfs for rugby, I enjoy taking short walks on the beach and skinny dipping in other people’s pools. Just kidding. I don’t live anywhere near a beach.

EDIT: I am relocating to Suwon, South Korea (July 2011) for an abroad program! Understandably, shipping books internationally can be expensive, which is why I am now accepting short novellas (50 pages or less) for review in electronic format. If you have a story that’s part of an anthology, or a novelette some people call “quickies”, I’d be delighted to review it!