Meet the Reviewers: Mary

Mary Gramlich is “The Reading Reviewer” located at,, and

From her own words: I love to read everything, but unlike most readers who I am sure will say that they have been book worms since they were children I was not. I really did not discover the joy and pleasure of the written word until my children got older when I could finish a complete paragraph let alone a book. Once the love began it was developed into an obsession and now I read as much as I can in any given day.
My other love is writing a review about what I have read and now writing my blog. That is something I enjoy as much as reading the book because I love to talk about books. Putting my thoughts on paper is quite invigorating. Everyone has their own style of review and mine is to give you the feeling that you are experiencing the book to the level that you have to buy it, read it, add it to your permanent library and then someday read it again. 
The basic philosophy I have is to read books I love, write a good review about the book, try not to make any typos, use proper grammar, promote this book everywhere I can and give the book a good rating. The reason I don’t give bad reviews or ratings is that if I find a book that is not to my taste or just not working for me, I shut the book, put it down and tell the author and/or editor that I am going to pass on this one or ask for a few extra days to see if I might just be having an off day. But I don’t ruin a book for someone else who may see where the story is going when in this case I just do not.  I also want to remain positive in this very negative world where every can say and do anything we want hiding behind an anonymous name showing no respect for someone’s feelings.
I have two favorites, the first being Knock Me Off My Feet by Susan Donovan because it hits every romance angle with a little mystery; and Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips because Daisy is so tough on the outside and so emotional everywhere else.

Now if you want the real list of the other 99 I can pull that together as well.