Meet the Reviewers: Jessica

Here’s a little about Jessica, as written by Jen.

Jessica and I met in middle school while both of our fathers were stationed at a base in North Carolina.  We remained good friends through high school, but the last time we actually saw each other face to face was at graduation.  🙂  Jessica now lives in Georgia, while I cool my heels on the other side of the country.

Jump forward a number of years (more than either of us would like to admit to) to late 2007.  Jessica wanted to start a blog, and what better thing to write about than one of her hobbies — books!  Jessica knew that I was also an avid reader, so she asked me if I’d like to help out on the blog.  The thought was that since we read different genres (for the most part), we’d have more to discuss.  However, as time passed, Jessica got busy with school, work and life and decided to step back from actively posting.  When we made the transition from Book Talk with J&J to Romancing the Book, Jessica stepped in to be our techie.

While Jessica mostly works behind the scenes, she will from time to time help out with a review.  Jessica’s preferred genres are general fiction, mysteries, thrillers and the occasional horror novel.  A few of her favorite authors are Stephen King, JD Robb and Jodie Picoult.  I’ve been told her favorite novel is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.  If you’d like to contact her, email and I’ll be sure she gets it.