Meet the Reviewers: Jen

My name is Jen. I started this blog with one of my best friends, Jessica, in the fall of 2007 as a way to talk about some of our favorite books through reviews. This July we’ll be celebrating 3 years of author promotions! And now we actually have a staff… my how we’ve grown.

So, more about me. I grew up as a military brat, but after college, I settled in eastern Washington state. I’ve been a reader since grade school, but during college I fell away from the hobby. After school, I got a job in a public library and I rediscovered my love of books. Back in those days, I almost primarily read mysteries. But then one day I picked up a book by Kat Martin (Hot Rain) and I read my first romance novel (I don’t really count those Sweet Valley High books I read as a teen) and I never turned back. These days I almost exclusively read romance… which is why this blog has been dedicated to the genre. I’ll read just about any book within the genre, although I do have a weakness for historicals, especially a well written medieval romance.

Over the next week we’re going to be meeting our staff at Romancing the Book. I’ve asked each of them to tell us their all-time favorite book. I know this is hard for many people to narrow down… I’m one of those people. For the most part I don’t re-read books as there are too many books on my to-read list. However, I will admit that I totally break this rule when it comes to Harry Potter (I know, it’s not romance!). I’ve read the series multiple times (just finished listening to the audio books) and will likely revisit Hogwarts again next year. So for my favorite book, I’ll pick my favorite from the Harry Potter series — Goblet of Fire.

I can be reached at if you ever have any questions about the blog, want to talk books, or if you’re interested in joining our volunteer staff. And most of all, thank you for supporting our blog!