Meet the Reviewers: Desere

Hi I am Desere from the beautiful sunny South Africa! When I don’t have my nose inside a good book or my eyes pinned to my e-reader, I enjoy watching formula one racing and spending quality time with my son! I adore animals and any book that involves the mention of a animal is definitely a winner.

My favorite genres to read are contemporary romance, historical romance, mystery, paranormal, and romantic suspense and every now and then a good erotica!

As mentioned, I have a e-reader so if you wish not send me the print copy of your book for review, you can pass it along via email, although I really enjoy reading the printed copy more as I am sure you will agree there is nothing as wonderful as snuggling up with a good book!

My favorite book of all time is Willingly Bedded Forcibly Wedded by Melanie Milburne, who is one of my favorite authors.