Interview with Terri Brisbin

Jen: This week we are happy to have Terri Brisbin as our guest. Terri, will you please share a short bio with us?
Terri: I have been writing romance fiction since 1995 and have more than 25 historical and paranormal romance novels, novellas and short stories published since then. When not living the glamorous life of a romance author in the southern NJ suburbs (or lusting after Gerard Butler), I spend her time being a wife to one, mom to three as well as a dental hygienist to hundreds in southern NJ.

Jen: Tell us about His Enemy’s Daughter and where it’s available.
Terri: His Enemy’s Daughter is available right now in bookstores and in digital formats all over!

This is the last in my KNIGHTS OF BRITTANY trilogy and is about a damaged warrior in search of revenge. When he finds the daughter of the man who struck him down, he discovers that revenge is not enough to live on and wonders if love can make him whole again.

I’ve also just rereleased my short story from The Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance in digital formats for the Kindle and the Nook! KIDNAPPING THE LAIRD is a sexy, historical-set short story romance.

AND – I’m participating in a special project for Mills&Boon and eHarlequin to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding in April. I’ve written one of the seven short stories about a historical royal wedding. WHAT THE DUCHESS WANTS is about Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry Plantagenet of Anjou and happier beginnings of their marriage in 1152.

Jen: At what age did you discover writing and when were you first published? Tell us your call story.
Terri: I’ve always written – something. I first began writing poetry and short stories in high school and turned to fiction much later, in the mid-90s.

My call story? Well, I’d met an editor at a conference and pitched my time-travel romance to her. She asked to see the whole manuscript which took me a couple of months to finish and send into her. It was about a year after that first conference when she called to make an offer for that story. (I’d fallen and fractured my back and was in bed when she called. I began hyperventilating and had to hang up to scream out the news – scaring the editor, my physical therapist and my friends!)

Jen: Are there any other writers, published or not, in your family?
Terri: Nope – none that I know of….

Jen: How do you approach your writing? Do you plot or go with the flow?
Terri: Each story is different for me – sometimes the characters come to me with their stories, sometimes I see the story. Sometimes, I get the glimmer of an idea and it takes months to figure out. Other times, the entire story flows into my mind in moments. When I’m writing, I prefer to plot out the basics of the story and then let it flow—learning about the characters and let them take over.

Jen: What is it about the romance genre that appeals to you?
Terri: I love the emotional growth of the characters and the knowledge that the ending will be satisfying and, dare I say it? happy!

Jen: How do you pick the character’s names?
Terri: Other than a few minor characters (guards, servants, etc), the characters tell me their names and their stories.

Jen: What five authors or people, from the past or present, have been important to you as an author? What question or comment have you always wanted to say to them?
Terri: Hmmmm…interesting question….I would have to say that the first romances I read were by Julie Garwood and Johanna Lindsey so they were important in my wanting to write romances. My husband who is always the biggest supporter and made it possible for me to have the time to write.

Jen: If you could travel back in time for one year, what time and place would you choose? And if you could only take 3 things with you, what would they be?
Terri: Another interesting question!

I would love to travel back to medieval times – I’m not sure which exact time or place – probably Scotland….or England. I would take: underwear, antibiotics, aspirin and toilet paper! Sorry-I know that’s 4 things but I’m not going without them!

Jen: What did you do to celebrate your first book?
Terri: Well, first I recovered from my fractured back! My work colleagues threw me a launch party and I decided to buy a small piece of jewelry to celebrate the first book – every time I see my topaz year (topaz since ‘the call’ came in November), I smile over it!

Jen: What’s the most interesting comment you have received about your books?
Terri: I think the funniest comment came from my brother. We’re both avid readers and so he read my first book – all the time not really being comfortable with the idea of reading a romance novel. He finished and emailed me saying that he really liked it so it couldn’t be a romance novel! He called it an action, adventure story instead.

Jen: What do you do in your free time?
Terri: I read! I like to watch tv. I love to travel when I can. But, between 2 jobs and writing and family, there’s not a lot of free time.

Jen: What’s next for you?
Terri: Writing more! I’m working on my next Harlequin Historical novel, going back to my Highlanders and telling their childrens’ stories. And I’m working up a new proposal for a new story which is pretty exciting!

I’m also in the process of ‘republishing’ my backlist of time travel romances – many readers have been asking for them and since they were never available in digital formats before, I’ve decided to make them available for sale.

Jen: Where can you be found on the web?
Terri: My website is I am a regular blogger on the Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills at and at the Harlequin Historical authors blog on

Jen: Is there anything you’d like to ask our readers?
Terri: I always like to ask readers what they look for in choosing their next book purchase. And what makes them come back to an author?

Jen: I understand you’re holding a contest.
Terri: I’ll be part of a promo for the Royal Wedding stories in early April – prizes and details are being worked out right now so visit my website for more info each month.

And, a today’s special – I will choose one person who comments or asks a question to receive a copy of my newest release – His Enemy’s Daughter.

Jen: Readers, ask Terri your questions or leave a comment to be entered in the contest. Don’t forget to include your email address so you can be contacted if you are the winner. The winner will be chosen around Sunday, March 13.