Review of "Double Play" by Jill Shalvis

Review by Mary

An out of the park grand slam home-run hit from cover-to-cover!

When you make your work your life and don’t allow anything inside to interfere with your goals what happens, basically nothing because life isn’t work. Pace Martin has had baseball pumping through his veins for so long he doesn’t know how to do anything else was eat, sleep and breathe baseball. The games he has won as the star pitcher for his expansion baseball team or lost due to an off day. When Pace and his single-minded goals meet reporter Holly Hutchins the official game off the field becomes one of control and conquer.

Holly is dedicated to her career as well as has been assigned the job of reporting on Pace, his team and unearth any secrets along the way. What Holly too quickly discovers is that there are allot of secrets but one truth, this is a team with heart of it in the form of their pitcher, Pace. He keeps the group motivated and moving toward winning a pennant and hopefully the World Series and carries the responsibility right on his shoulder, which is a problem since he may have an injury. Pace will never admit to any pain and knows the lessons his father taught him about staying focused and never losing control are imperative. But can Pace keep this injury to himself or will Holly and her cute investigative nose figure out what is going on?

Pace wants to trust Holly but when facts about the team that no one should know come to light, the feelings he has for her make him question what her real purpose in his life is? Yet the more time Pace spends with her and realizes that there is a life outside baseball with something beautiful happening between him and Holly he starts to trust. This is imperative because he has fallen in a love reveals itself to be true and everlasting.

Pace and Holly weather the scandal, injuries and time tested saying of baseball by Mike Schmidt “Any time you think you have the game conquered the game will turn around and punch you right in the nose”. Life and love take you by surprise so keep your head in the game!

I love baseball and Jill Shalvis has captured the true essence of how important this sport is to those that play it and keeps the storyline between Holly and Pace realistic but romantic. Ms. Shalvis knows how to write and each book proves that to her readers.