Review: "Be Mine, Valentine" anthology

Review by Jen

From the back cover:
Turquoise Morning Press’ Valentine’s Day Anthology 2011. A dozen short stories of love…just as good as roses. Maybe even better! This short story collection celebrates love—young love and old, mended love, secret love, and love enduring. Twelve talented writers share stories to touch your heart and soul.

I was asked by one of our past reviewers, Marissa Dobson, to review this book since she has a short story in this Valentine anthology. Since I enjoy anthologies and it’s the perfect time to read a Valentine story, I accepted the request.

The anthology consists of twelve short stories, all taking place on Valentine’s Day. Each of the stories was quite unique. The first story, the only historical one, could be the about the origins of the holiday. Then we jump to modern times and experience a wide range of themes. I found myself smiling and also reaching for the box of Kleenex.

Each story is about 10 pages long, so don’t expect any great character development and a complicated plot. The stories are all about love and not sex. I did enjoy the stories, and thinking back, there really wasn’t any one that stood out as sub-par. Once or twice I felt the tale was just too unrealistic, but with limited space to create your love story some allowances are made.

All in all, I enjoyed this quick holiday read and would recommend it. It’s a great introduction to many new-to-me authors.