Day 15: Review of "Web of Lies" by Jennifer Estep

Review by Zita

Gin Blanco (formerly the renowned assassin Spider) has hung up her knives and taken over the Pork Pit, a diner that was left to her by her late mentor/guardian, Fletcher Lane. In the first book of the Elemental Assassins series (Spider’s Bite) Gin tracks down the people responsible for his death. She also hooks up with Detective Donovan Caine, one of the few honest cops in town. Unfortunately for Gin, Caine has a hard time dealing with her former profession and refuses to explore the rather obvious attraction between them. Plus, at the very end of book one Gin learns that her younger sister Bria, whom she thinks died in the house fire with her older sister and mother, is, in fact, still alive.

In Web of Lies, Gin discovers that Fletcher, once known as the assassin called the Tin Man, did some pro bono work, so when Violet Fox shows up at the Pork Pit asking for his help, she gamely steps up to the plate. It seems a dwarf with mining concerns is harassing Violet’s grandfather in order to force him to sell him his land. Grandpa Fox is holding his own, but the creeps are threatening Violet now. Gin manages to rescue Violet from a horrific beating and quickly reaches the conclusion that the only way to stop the dwarf is by killing him. Gin learns that the dwarf is in cahoots with Mab Monroe, the elemental who killed her mother and older sister years ago. Mab is the city’s head villain and has several of the local cops and politicians on her payroll. Gin promises to help out Violet and Grandpa, despite the clear disapproval of Detective Caine. What happens next will push Gin even further away from Caine and deeper into trouble with Mab and her gang.

I thoroughly enjoyed Web of Lies and felt that it moved the story and character development along nicely. I felt really sorry for Gin and her issues with Caine, but I think she’s just going to have to let that one go. Besides, in this book she meets Owen Grayson, but you’ll have to read the book to learn more about him.

All in all I give this story 4 out of 5 stars, and look forward to reading the next volume in the series.