Review: "Love Fang" by Susan Blexrud

Review by Danielle

Love Fang by Susan Blexrud contains the four novellas in her vampire series.

Love Fang is the first novella which it follows John, who is a vampire, and Lauren, who is a dentist that John meets when one of his fangs becomes infected. Love Fang is an amusing light read, the novella is brought to life by the quirks that Susan Blexrud has given her characters, for example she made John a vampire who is extremely allergic. Both the pace of the story and the characters relationship seemed too rushed and all the problems resolved almost immediately, it would have better if the novella was a bit longer, so that the story would have flowed more smoothly. Also some of the issues that Lauren and John had in Love Fang felt unfinished at the end of the novella, for example, the situation with Amy didn’t feel completely over. However it is likely that in the sequel these issues will be explored more and put to rest.

Other than some minor flaws in Love Fang, the novella was extremely enjoyable to read and that leaves the reader wanting to know what happens next to John and Lauren. Hopefully Susan Blexrud’s sequel to Love Fang will be as enjoyable to read as Love Fang was.

* * * * *

Fang Shui is the sequel to Susan Blexrud’s novella, Love Fang. Fang Shui continues on where Love Fang finished at Lauren and John’s wedding. In this novella, Amy’s back and looking for revenge for Catherine’s death. Catherine is John’s first wife, who he had to kill when she started preying on children. In this novella, Lauren’s best friend Meredith features much more and the storyline of her and Luc, who is John’s best friend is very interesting. In fact one of the best things about this sequel would be their relationship and getting to know two very intriguing characters. It is good that despite that both Meredith and Luc’s relationship and Lauren and John’s have a few common similarities, the two relationships and their stories are very different. The ending of this novella is fantastic, but it would have been nice to know by the end of this novella if Meredith and Luc will end up together, hopefully they will both feature often in the next book in the series.

Fang Shui is very well written and the relationships depicted in the novella are actually quite sweet. It should definitely be recommended to any readers who liked Love Fang, as if like the first book in the series will adore Fang Shui, since it is much better then the first book in the series. Hopefully, Susan Blexrud will deliver another great read, in the third book in the Fang series.

* * * * *

Real Men have Fangs is the third book in Fangs series by Susan Blexrud. In this novella Luc returns to help John with a case in which he is trying to take down the Orlando Mafia. Lauren is extremely pregnant and Meredith has to decide if she wants to give Luc another chance or move on with her life. This novella is just as good as the others in the series. The relationships between the main characters continue to be interesting and portrayed well. The novella starts off not after the Fang Shui ended, with John being hired by Rock Maroon, who is the head of their local mob and Lauren telling John that she is pregnant. Unlike the previous books, this novella leaves the storyline tied up and while it could easily have another novella in the series, it isn’t necessary. The storylines are paced quite well for a novella, since in such short amount of pages it is hard to not make the storyline feel rushed. While the plot is quite good, the characters and their relationships remain the best part of the novellas. Anyone who liked the previous two books should definitely enjoy this novella as it is written at the same standard.

Real Men Have Fangs is just as enjoyable as all the rest of Susan Blexrud’s Fang series and with characters depicted, that despite being vampires, seem almost human; the series have some of the best novellas I have read in quite a while.