Guest: Sheila Roberts on "Mr. Perfect in a Snow Globe"

Finding Mr. Perfect can be a challenge. Wouldn’t it be nice if, like my character Kiley Gray, a girl could get her hands on a magical snow globe, give it a shake, and find Mr. Perfect in there? That was a fun premise to springboard from when I was writing The Snow Globe. Good friend that she was, after the snow globe had worked its magic for her Kiley passed it on to her two best friends, who also saw just what they needed inside that glass dome. Of course, seeing what you need and getting it can be two different things, can’t they? And, I hope, those “getting there” complications are what makes the book a fun read.

I still love snow globes, never get tired of shaking one and watching the snow swirl around that charming scene inside. They’re such a lovely escape, such a great fantasy. If I had a magical snow globe that could give me a glimpse of my perfect future … I’m actually not sure what I’d see. I’m pretty darned happy with my present. I have great family and friends and I’m married to Mr. Almost Perfect.

But heck, just for fun, let’s give an imaginary snow globe a shake and see what Mr. Perfect looks like. (Just don’t tell my husband!) Okay, the snow is flying, I’m getting a glimpse of him. Oh, happy holidays! He looks like Johnny Depp. And he’s all muscle and strength and like Matt Damon in the Bourne Identity movies. There we are in a hot sports car, being chased by bad guys. But, of course, we’re going to get away because Mr. Perfect would never let us get caught. And unlike when I’m riding with my own adorable other half, Mr. Perfect’s driving inspires confidence. Once we lose the bad guys we’re going to find a romantic 5 star restaurant in Vienna, because Mr. Perfect knows I’m tired of cooking all the time and he doesn’t want me to ever have to cook another meal again. Oh, yes, that works for me. Shake that snow globe some more! Now we’re in the restaurant at a small table set with linens and fine china and silver, looking across the table at each other, holding hands. And did I mention that I look great? Thirty pounds lighter, twenty years younger, perfect hair.

Aack! Here’s my other half. He gives me a kiss, peers over my shoulder and asks what I’m doing. Of course, I immediately close this document and say, “Just writing a blog post.”

He wanders off and I shake my imaginary snow globe one last time. And there I am, back with the guy I’ve been married to for a million years, and we’re holding hands and walking along the beach at sunset. And you know, I’m happy with that. No, he doesn’t look like Johnny Depp and he ain’t Mr. Perfect but then I’m not so perfect myself. So, I guess, when all is done, we’re a perfect match.

Still, it’s fun to play the game. How about you? If you shook that imaginary magical snow globe, what would you see? Whatever it is, my wish for you is that it fills you with excitement and hope for the future. Happy holidays!

* * * *

Sheila Roberts lives in the Pacific Northwest. She’s happily married and has three children. Writing since 1989, she has had 24 books published, both in fiction and nonfiction under different names and in different languages. However before she settled into her writing career, she did lots of other things, including owning a singing telegram company and playing in a band. But writing and helping others to find ways to make their lives better are her greatest passions.

Her down-to-earth wisdom and quirky upbeat sense of humor make Sheila a popular speaker to groups large and small. Her books are becoming perennial hot sellers. Her book Bikini Season was a Bookscan top 50, a Target Breakout Novel pick and an Amazon Beach Read pick. On Strike for Christmas has been made into a Lifetime movie and is set to air Dec 5th, 8 p.m. Eastern time.

You can visit her website at

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