Excerpt from "Wolf’s Soul" by Tierney O’Malley

“Excuse me, Mister Yummy. You need to wake up.” Touching him was comparable to touching cement except he was warm and smooth. “I have no idea how you end up here, but you need to wake up now. My wolf is supposed to be here not you. Well, that’s beside the point. You have to get up and get your pretty tush out of my house. I’m a single woman with a clean reputation, which you have ruined by sneaking in here.” Poke. Poke. “I know you can hear me.” Jeysus, she’d need a tow truck to get him out of here. “You know I am not going to stop nagging until you leave this room. You’re in my dad’s clinic, but he is not here. If you are drunk, you’re not welcome in this house because I hate drunks. They hiccup, are smelly, and throw up everywhere. I know because my friend did that one time. She made it to the toilet okay, but the idea of putting her face in the toilet made her gag. So she tried to go outside and didn’t make it. She threw up all over the floor and my favorite Birkenstock.” Marisol tried pinching his arm. The man’s arm was so packed with meat she couldn’t even pull a lose skin. “Hey, stranger. You’re beyond cute, okay. But you have to get up and leave. No? I hate to do this but if you don’t get up I‟ll get a bucket of rain water and–Eeekkk!”

One minute she stood on the side of the bed, a heartbeat later Marisol found herself pinned beneath the man. He was on top of her with his nose inches away from hers. Wave after wave of shock on how fast he moved held her immobile and speechless. Most of all, she couldn’t believe how beautiful his eyes were. They were the sharpest, bluest and most attractive eyes she;d even seen in her life. Nice.

Heart beating against her chest, Marisol stared at him. Looking at him was like looking at someone she’d met in the past. The man angled his head from side to side and kept staring at her as if seeing her for the first time.

“Good god, Marisol. I don’t drink, but you could drive any man to drink. Including me.” His hoarse tired voice broke the stare-down.


“You talk too much.”

“I don’t–wait. You know me?”

“Yes, I know you. You shouldn’t be here.”

“Me? Wrong, buddy. I live here. You are in the wrong place. Wrong house, wrong room, wrong–” Lord, is that? She couldn’t believe it.

Mister Yummy throbbed and grew while nestled in between her legs. Oh no, no. As much as she loved to keep his hard-on pressed against her pubic mound, he must get off her. Did she just thought loving his hard-on? Loving should the last emotion she should feel right now. Jiminy, her friend was right. She needed to unlock her invincible chastity belt. Otherwise, her sexual depravation would result into something like this. Enjoying the pleasure of having a stranger’s erection pressed against her.

“Please get off me.”

“Shit.” He promptly rolled off to Marisol’s side with a loud groan.

As soon as she was free, Marisol scooted off the bed. She flattened her palms on her shirt and noticed they were shaking. Her legs suddenly felt like noodles.

Calm down, Marisol. Don’t be a scaredy cat. He’s a tall stranger but seems harmless. She noticed him winced as if in pain when he moved to sit on the edge of the bed. He ran his hands though his hair before rubbing his hands on his face. He looked exhausted.

“You look tired but I’m gonna ask you to leave.”

“Give me a minute, will you.”

“You don’t need to explain how you end up here. The how and when doesn’t matter to me. Just leave before I call the cops.”

“No. Please. No cops,” he looked about the room, a swath of wavy hair fell back on his forehead. “Do you mind if I use your bed sheet?”

Lordy, no. I like the view. “Not at all. Feel free to use my dad’s clothes. He won’t be needing them anymore. You’ll find his old shirts and pants in the closet. He’s a couple inches shorter than you though.”

“Thanks.” He grabbed the sheet and yanked it off the bed. With his eyes on her, he stood up in one fluid motion. He looked weak, but an aura of power and ferocity surrounded him.

Sweet sugar, who is this man?

The face of a snarling wolf tattooed on his left upper chest didn’t help ease her nervousness. But it was his nakedness, his cock thrusts up that made her mind a crazy mixture of fear and excitement. Egad! She must kick him out of here before she drool all over and embarrass herself.

She broke the eye contact to watch the tantalizing display disappear from her view as he wrapped the sheet around his waist. Geez, there must be fat somewhere in this man’s body. If she were to guess, he was a big fan of running. He had the legs for it. And just look at his abs. Perfect for Jockey briefs commercial.

The man grinned.

Marisol felt her cheeks grew warm. Damn it. She really should do something about her bad habit of staring. “By the way, I’m at a disadvantage here. You already know my name and we’re not even introduced. So what’s yours?”

“Callum. My name is Callum Dyrdek.”

“Nice meeting you, Callum. Now, have you seen my wolf?”

* * * *

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