Contest with Jennifer Carson

Mortimer is the best squire in Sir Emberly’s troops, but his liege refuses to recommend him for promotion to knighthood. When Mortimer demands to prove his Knight-worthiness, Sir Emberly charges him with an impossible task– finding a wonder in five days. With the help of his faithful mare, a scatterbrained wizard, a frog prince and a very special vegetable, Mortimer creates his own wonder– the first dragon to ever breathe fire! How much trouble could one fire-breathing creature cause anyway? Mortimer certainly discovers and learns along the way that being a knight is more than being talented with a sword.

* * * * *

Jennifer Carson lives in New Hampshire with her husband, four sons and many four legged friends. She grew up on a steady diet of Muppet movies, and renaissance faires and would occasionally be caught reading under the blankets with a flashlight. Besides telling tales, and being an editor for Faerie Magazine, Jennifer likes to create fantasy creatures and characters and publishes her own sewing patterns. Her artwork and patterns can be seen online at To Find A Wonder is her first published work of fiction. More about Jennifer and To Find A Wonder at

Jennifer is giving away a copy of To Find A Wonder to one lucky commenter. To enter the contest, you need to leave a question or comment for Jennifer. Then to finish your entry, you must either leave your email address in your comment or send a message to The winner will be chosen on Thursday, August 12.