Review: The Wine Seekers by Linda Bilodeau

Review by Marissa

The Wine Seekers is not my typical read, by Linda Bilodeau did a wonderful job capturing my attention and keeping it to the very end. The story is set in the 1900’s and it was the perfect setting. I normally do not read Historical Romances, so when I read that this took place in 1900’s I almost passed on it. However after reading The Wine Seekers, I am glad I did.

The Wine Seekers is a bittersweet tale Nicola Romolo’s journey, dreams, and harsh realities. Nicola is a strong character, with lots of wonderful personality. He had some harsh things thrown at him throughout his life, and that made him the man he was. I loved that he was a man who did what he had to do, no matter the price. I agonized with him for the choice he had to make. The love of the women he lost so many years ago, or the love of the women he married.

The Wine Seekers will have you addicted until you have read every last word. There are some very interesting twists, and turns through the book, that will leave you wondering. This is the perfect story, about young lovers, and obstacles, and hardships that happens in life and love.

One of my favorite things about The Wine Seekers, was the vivid descriptions of Tuscan, it was like I was there. Linda Bilodeau is a talented storyteller, who can really bring the characters, story, and places alive in three dimensions for the readers. The Wine Seekers will remind you just how unfair life can be sometimes.