Review: "Shiver" by Maggie Stiefvater

Ever since Grace was attacked by wolves , she’s had an unnatural obsession with the creatures. And there is one in particular that seems to always be watching out for Grace over the years. Sam lives a double life– half the year he’s a teenage boy, and half the year he’s a wolf. He’s watched Grace from a distance, always staying and the fringes, but when he needs help, he turns to Grace and turns both of their lives upside down.

When Big Honcho Media asked me to run a contest featuring Shiver and it’s sequel, Linger, I jumped at the chance as soon as I read the blurbs for the books. The books are promoted as YA, but I think they will be enjoyed by anyone who likes paranormal love stories.

The world Ms Stiefvater created is quite interesting. She took a different route when creating her werewolves, not sticking with convention. I particularly liked the character of Sam. He was very well-developed and likable. For me, Grace was a little harder to grasp. I think it has to do with the fact that I couldn’t relate to her, with the absentee parents and an unhealthy obsession. But Sam and Grace together just worked. They are both different and don’t fit into their own worlds, but happen to fit with each other.

Shiver was a pretty fast read and I can’t wait to move on to Linger, as Sam and Grace’s story continues.