Review: "Hard Harvest" by Selah March

Hard Harvest by Selah March
Three Kinds of Wicked series book 7 from Red Sage Publishing
Review by Zita

In a post-apocalyptic world, the women left who are capable of bearing children have more choices than most others. For our heroine, Hannah Jenkins, this means she gets to keep the family farm intact for herself and her brothers by agreeing to a trial marriage with Dr. David Cabot, the quintessential cute science geek. Genetic matching has determined them to be perfect for each other. Unfortunately for David and Hannah, what they know about making love could fit on that head pin with the dancing angels. Their attempts during Hannah’s fertile periods have been awkward, strained, embarrassing . . . and fast.

Enter Trey, a time-traveling demi-god tasked with bringing destined couples together through sexual healing, thereby restoring the broken human timeline. Trey has landed on Hannah’s farm just in time to save her from some gun-toting bullies (it looks like some things never change!). When he tells her he’s looking for work as he travels through she invites him back to the farm. Trey immediately sets out to show Hannah and David where they’ve been going wrong and how he can help set things right.

I really enjoyed reading Hard Harvest. Ms. March has created a full, rich world and peopled it with interesting, believable characters, characters you can easily feel for and care about. Almost from the start I found myself rooting for David and Hannah, hoping that Trey finds a way to guide them toward each other and create a lasting, loving relationship. But Ms. March didn’t just write an erotic story (although the erotic is there, believe me!), she also wrote about life on a farm in post-apocalyptic America and about family and about the way people behave when their way of life is on the line. In the end Selah March has turned what could easily have been a story about two men and a woman having sex into a full, decidedly erotic, thought-provoking tale about a couple trying to find their way together in a drastically changed world–and the stranger who helps them do just that.