Review: "Twisted Fairy Tales

Review by Zita

Twisted Fairy Tales is a collection of 14 short stories and poems loosely based on classic fairy tales.

The stories and poems in this anthology are not for children. They run the gamut from rape to abuse to cruelty and back again. Do they have morals? Yes, but certainly not the morals you find in the original tales. They are moderately well told, but could all have benefited from some more editing. There isn’t much that disappoints me more while reading a story than when the author pulls me out because of rough or clumsy transitions. The premise of this collection is intriguing and the stories have some merit. Rather than call the collection “Twisted Fairy Tales” however, it should perhaps be “Tortured Fairy Tales” because the authors do not twist the original tales as much as completely re-write them for an adult audience. I would give this collection 1 out of 5 stars.