Review: "Saving Tampa" by Jo Webnar

Review by Marissa

Saving Tampa by Jo Webnar is a highly addictive and fast past novel that you won’t be able to put down. It’s an exciting story, with elements of terrorism and romance.

All her life Rachel Cunningham has the gift (or curse) of second sight. Rachel has always looked at this as more of a curse, her visions are a draining experience, and have always made her feel like a victim. I loved Rachel’s gift, and thought she could do wonderful things with it like she did in the book.

While shopping at the mall a man bumps into Rachel, and causes the worst vision she has had. She knows that he is a terrorist and plans to kill hundreds or thousands. I really enjoyed the plot of this novel. It is something that is new on the market. Terrorism is something everyone worries about to some degree, and Saving Tampa brings it to life. It will have to on the edge of your seat, waiting to find out if the residents of Tampa will survive.

FBI Special Agent Michael (Hawk) Arrons is assigned to keep Rachel safe, and to report any information from visions she might have. Hawk has trouble controlling his temper, and is used to getting things his way, that is until Rachel comes into his life. To me Hawk seemed to really bring the story alive, he brought drama and excitement.

Oh and Ralph, Rachel’s dog was a wonderful addition. I loved having his so much apart of the story. He reminded me of my dog, so protective and loyal. I loved that he a bit of a beer lush. Ralph rounds out the story perfectly.

Saving Tampa is definitely fast paced and full of riveting action. The relationship between Rachel and Hawk that blooms from her vision is amazing. The characters are intertwining and convincing, you will find yourself rotting for them. It is a one-of-a-king adventure that everyone is sure to enjoy.